Stuart Organ actor

Do you know what happens to old actors?

Stuart Organ actor
Stuart Organ actor

Nothing, they're still acting


Those words are from “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”, the show in which Stuart started his professional career at Leeds Playhouse in 1975.

Since then, some of his answers to the question “So what have you been doing?” would include:

  • working with the R.S.C, including the first of those famed 3 show days in ”The Greeks”
  • working for 6 months in Hong Kong and then touring Malaysia
  • sitting for a day in the England dressing-room’s bath at Wembley
  • skippering a trawler 2 miles out in the North Sea
  • being the thorn in Harry Cross’ side for a year in the Brookside close
  • suffering the good cop/bad cop interrogation as the paedophile in Roy Mitchell’s “Lead”
  • self-flagellating as the judge in “Sweeney Todd”
  • being heard across the underground network announcing stations, lines, late arrivals and warning one and all to Mind The Gap.
  • So it wasn’t all being the longest-serving member of staff on Grange Hill - the firm but fair Mr Robson.

Still acting...